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LuxNest Homes aims collaborate with new investors to navigate the complex task of entering the Baltimore Real Estate Investment market. The city of Baltimore provides numerous resources for aspiring and existing home owners and developers, and finding the right ones can be overwhelming. At LuxNest Homes, we are sharing our curated list to help get you started. This is not an exhaustive list. Be sure to contact the city to discuss further options. LuxNest Homes is not affiliated with the city of Baltimore in any way. This is for informational purposes only, and will continue to be updated.

Quick References

Source Description Category
Rental Registration Search here to check for valid rental licenses Rentals
MDE Lead Registration Search Check for Lead Certificates if required Rentals
Building Violations/Condemnation Search for buildings with violation notices. Note: Condemned buildings may not yet have been slated for demolition. Construction and Demolition
Grocery and convenience store map Searches by zip code, neighborhood, and store type available Attractions and Convenience, Data and Statistics
Open Baltimore Data about the City of Baltimore Data and Statistics
Vacant Building Dashboard Keeping track of vacant property Data and Statistics
Baltimore Investment Map Search for vacant lots, public city owned property, requests for proposal Data and Statistics
Building Permit Notes A short guide to construction permits Construction and Demolition
Building Permit Fees Note: These are informational only, and subject to change, please consult the Baltimore City website for the latest schedule. Construction and Demolition
Rental and housing laws Know your rights and responsibilities! Rentals
Registration and Licensing Requirements Your city curated checklist Rentals
Neighborhood Map of Baltimore Mapping resource for baltimore Data and Statistics
Mashvisor 2022 Trends & Forecast Analysis of City trends Blogs
LuxNest Property Investigator (Baltimore) Coming Soon How we look at things Data and Statistics
Rentometer A way to quickly check comparable rent in your area Rentals
Baltimore Police Crime Map Baltimore Crime Statistics for the past 365 days Data and Statistics

Other Investors

While LuxNest Homes does not endorse the content from these sources, and is not affiliated with them in any way, they are a good way to see what others in the space are doing, and there are many lessons to be learned.

Source Description Category
Charm City Buyers Mentorship, Walkthroughs, Accelerator Program



Devin Moreno Investing Mentorship, Walkthroughs, Site Consultation, Deal Analysis